Avoid issues with tree trimming services in or near Marietta, GA

Trees can change from decorative landscaping features to serious hazards in no time when they start growing over your property. If you have a tree that's threatening to drop a branch on your home, driveway or power lines, you need help from Atlas Tree Services, LLC. You can rely on us for careful and professional tree trimming services in Marietta, GA and surrounding areas.

We'll remove specific, dangerous branches to help prevent damage to your property. By targeting the problem branches, you can avoid removing your tree entirely and enjoy its beauty for as long as possible. Contact us today for tree pruning services.

Why you should consider trimming your tree

Branches looming over your property aren't the only reason to arrange for tree trimming services. You should look into our services because...

  • We can remove dead or dying branches to help your trees stay healthy
  • Occasional tree pruning can help your trees grow straight and prevent leaning
  • You can make your trees look more attractive to boost your home's curb appeal

Make an appointment for tree trimming services in Marietta, GA or the Atlanta area today. You can call us at 678-347-1288.