Arrange for tree removal services in or around Marietta, GA

Trees are beautiful additions to any yard. But they can also grow into a problem over time. If you have a tree that's out stayed its welcome, Atlas Tree Services, LLC can help. We provide tree removal services in the Marietta, GA area and can take care of trees of all sizes.

Whether your tree is healthy or dying, short or tall, our tree expert will remove it for you. If your tree is leaning over your property, we can work carefully to remove it without causing a disaster. Schedule hazardous tree removal services by contacting us now.

3 reasons to remove your tree

Still on the fence about removing your tree? You can rely on our professional tree removal services for any situation. Our services are ideal for...

  1. Clearing out trees that block your view and ruin your curb appeal
  2. Removing trees that lean over your property before they fall and cause damage
  3. Getting rid of dead or dying trees so they don't spread diseases to other plants

Ask for a free estimate on hazardous tree removal services now by calling 678-347-1288. We serve clients from Atlanta to Marietta, GA.