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Tree and shrub trimming and pruning are essential maintenance tasks that must be performed on a somewhat regular schedule to ensure healthy growth. However, to effectively care for your trees and shrubs without hurting them, you need specialized tools and experience. 

When your trees are scheduled for trimming and pruning, the last thing you want is for someone inexperienced to damage your trees by doing a poor job. You must ensure that you choose a specialized tree pruning and trimming company like Atlas Tree Services, LLC. We’re the best choice for landscaping and tree removal services in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. 


Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming promotes the healthy development of trees, shrubs, and hedges. Commercial property owners often have trees trimmed to improve the appearance of their property for potential customers. Greater aesthetic appeal for businesses often increases the number of visitors. 

Professional arborists concentrate on removing new growth, which promotes more robust development in the long run. Trimming, in addition, enhances the overall aesthetic of the tree. 


Tree Pruning Services

Pruning is used for more than just tree upkeep. The word “pruning” is commonly used to describe the removal of overgrown limbs and even roots. If the tree’s branches and roots are dead, they should be removed as soon as possible. In other circumstances, branches develop in the wrong direction—pushing against utility cables or buildings. Luckily, unwanted growth can be controlled via pruning. 

Moreover, if you’re thinking about shaping your trees, then you want a pruning service done to them. The frequency of the pruning will depend on your tree’s species.


Care for Your Trees

Trimming and pruning are accomplished using shears, trimmers, and saws to ensure efficient results and overall healthy development. Get in touch with Atlas Tree Services, LLC for attractive and healthy trees and shrubs instead of over-pruning or trimming your trees and shrubs yourself. 


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