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Is a stump in your yard an eyesore? Whether you just chopped down a tree and left the stump, or the stump has been around for years, getting rid of it is the best thing you can do for the appearance of your yard. The most significant reasons to remove a tree stump are looks, your existing plants’ health, and even safety. After you’ve chosen, stump removal is a straightforward operation that any qualified expert can perform 

Put an end to that ugly stump that’s also a trip hazard and have it professionally removed. Your landscape can be restored to its natural splendor if you work with a professional team of landscapers. Those who reside in or around the Marietta region can rely on Atlas Tree Services, LLC for all their tree care needs. We’ve been providing stump removal services and stump grinding for many years.


Protect Your Lawn

Tree stumps take up too much space in your lawn and promote weed and fungal growth, complicating lawn care. Since certain stumps are more accessible to remove than others, various methods could be used. With our years of experience, you can rest assured that our team of experts will remove the stump promptly.


Stump Grinding

We may suggest stump grinding after removing a tree, depending on the situation. We chop away at the timber using a stump grinder. The whole tree stump is reduced to tiny wood chips, including the roots beneath the stump. Afterward, the wood chips can be used as mulch or a good ingredient in your garden compost.

An unsightly tree stump or one that poses a safety risk must often be removed to make room for a new construction project. Grinding up the stump of a diseased or pest-infested tree also can prevent illness and insect transmission. 

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