It's time for stump removal services in the Marietta, GA area

Maybe you had a tree removed successfully. But now your yard has a stump sticking out and dragging down your curb appeal. You don't have to settle for the eyesore. You can call on Atlas Tree Services, LLC for stump removal services in Marietta, GA or a surrounding area.

Our tree expert will grind your stump down to the roots. Once the work is finished, you'll be left with a smooth, even yard that can be used for a new landscaping project. Set up stump grinding services today by calling us.

Don't risk leaving a stump behind

You can combine tree and stump removal services or call us to get rid of a stump that's been in your yard for months. You should consider stump grinding because stumps can...

  1. Spread diseases when they start rotting, damaging your yard
  2. Attract all kinds of destructive and annoying pests
  3. Create a tripping hazard for guests, kids and pets

You'll also love making your yard look brand-new again. Arrange for stump grinding services now. You'll contact us at 678-347-1288.