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Several property owners dream of having a lush lawn. However, no one tells you that growing grass is a tedious process. Luckily, sod installation is one of the fastest ways to get that turf you’ve always wanted. A professional sod installation may provide you with the boost you need to have a green, luscious lawn for the coming years. 

Atlas Tree Services, LLC provides the finest sod installation in Marietta and metro Atlanta. We’ll make sure you have a lawn that meets or exceeds your expectations. With years of landscaping experience, you can be confident that our team of dedicated landscapers will improve the appearance and value of your home.

Why Choose Sod

Did you know you can have a vibrant lawn without having to wait for grass seeds to sprout? Sod is the transplanting of mature turf that has been professionally cared for. It’s laid out like a rug, and installation is generally done by a professional, especially for significant areas. 

Sod is ideal if you want a beautiful lawn straight away. This option delivers an immediate lawn, allowing you to move from dirt to green lawn in a single day. 

When’s The Best Time to Install Sod?

The speed of rooting varies by season, and rooting is critical for the grass’s lifespan and health. Sod is best laid in the fall and spring, although it can be laid at any time of year provided water is available. Roots grow faster than seeds but may not root as well. 

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Grass must be deeply rooted in order to grow. Even sod sometimes fails when owners do not prep the soil before installing it. For this reason, we make sure to prepare the area well to ensure your lawn grows healthy and strong. We grade the area and apply fertilizer, investing a lot of time and effort into the soil preparation to give you your ideal lawn.

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