Marietta Tree Services & Landscaping

A property’s landscape says a lot about its owner. A well-designed landscape may increase the value of a property, regulate storm flow and drainage, stimulate outdoor living, and speed up the sale process. For this reason, homeowners who wish to keep their houses in good condition must contact a professional landscaping firm.

When a tree has grown out of control, the last thing you want is for a novice to harm your property by executing an improper tree removal. You must ensure that you choose a specialized tree care company in Marietta, GA. Atlas Tree Services, LLC is your best choice for landscaping and tree removal services in Atlanta.

Landscaping Services

It is Whether you want a routine lawn service or you’re thinking about redesigning your landscape, you can rest assured that Atlas Tree Services, LLC will not disappoint. We transform ordinary outdoor spaces into truly stunning areas that are both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. You’ll add substantial value to your house or company with gorgeous green landscaping that serves as a functional space on your property.

Hardscape Services

Paths, driveways, fences and gates, retaining walls, and patios are hardscape elements. Essentially, anything made of hard elements like stone, concrete, wood, brick, and metal is considered to be your hardscape. Hardscape design is essential since it links and defines landscape areas seamlessly. Without hardscaping, your yard might turn into a wild mess without access or paths, giving your property an untidy appearance.

Our Work

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